Strange search-engine queries (353)

It wouldn’t be a Monday without a romp through the search strings, although for some reason it never occurs to me to not do them and see if Monday goes away.

oscar wilde eating alone:  There weren’t a lot of great dining companions in Reading Gaol.

that are quite unsingable:  According to some, the National Anthem usually are.

gruesome car wrecks photos:  Sorry, Charlie, we don’t do death porn.

I have a letter and apiece of unwrapped gum from the Wrigley company from 1930’s is it worth anything?  Sorry, Charlie, we don’t do questionable vintage foodstuffs.

hungry for love 1965:  And pretty much ever since, not that it’s any of your business.

crossdressing boys corsets busels old dresses fiction:  You hope it’s fiction, anyway.

mrs butterworth rule 34:  Um, that ain’t syrup.

Past (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries to 32 words:  Most of our political rhetoric of late involved ignoring the past.

j lo advertised a mouthwash, cars and hosiery:  Three things I value highly, by some strange coincidence.

bill clinton penis size 5.5:  Nobody here can attest to that. Or would want to.

“average male shoe size” “size 14”:  Anyone know Bill Clinton’s shoe size?

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