Yes, we have no tracking numbers

I imagine this scene is being played out in lots of places:

World Headquarters for my company are just outside of New York City. They are sans power. That means no email. There are no phones. No computers. No shipping. No receiving. Things are akin to Gilligan’s Island (no phones, no lights, no motor cars, it’s as primitive as can be). To quote the classic 1980’s commercial, “We are closed now!”

I have no way to communicate with the folks at corporate. One of the customer service reps calls me on his cell every morning to give me an update. There is no electricity.

And in case you didn’t catch on:

Yes, transportation — trucks etc. — could be a problem. I do not know. We have not tried to call in any trucks because we have no electricity. We cannot ship anything. We have not scheduled your truck for pickup because we do not know when electricity will be restored.

Everything, whether we like it or not, is connected to everything else.

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