Satyrday in the park

With sixty staring me in the face, I’m deluded enough to assume that the timing of this incident might not be entirely random:

Think of that poor sap, General Petraeus, and how his sexual desires and fantasies took hold of him at sixty and turned him into a kind of satyr. Deeply flattered to be admired by an attractive younger woman with an equal need to be embraced by a brilliant hero, and you have the adage of “no fool like an old fool” especially when he’s not feeling so old and his wife is not in his league or that of his mistress.

How long had Petraeus been laboring under the sad illusion that he needed a new soulmate of carnal perfection? Was it a pornographic mind, a simmering of fleshy delights that ate at him, teased him, or the yearning for what Jung called the anima to his animus, the perfect female half to his masculine selfhood?

I suppose I should consider myself fortunate to be utterly unnoticed by attractive younger women, given the dire consequences that seem to accompany that sort of thing. Of course, I’m not married, and I have no reason to think I ever will be again. (Weirdly, I dreamed Saturday night that my ex had thrown in her lot with Roger, and she seemed deliriously happy, though I couldn’t really tell if this was due to his merit or my lack of same.)

Still, the General has earned a “WTF were you thinking?” And the fact that we can pretty much guess what he was thinking — it’s the possession of two heads, only one of which is functional at any given moment, a condition practically universal among men of my gender — does not obviate the need to ask, if only to remind ourselves of the possibility that our calling, as a species, might be a trifle higher than the purely carnal.


  1. Tatyana »

    12 November 2012 · 10:09 am

    Oh, puleeeease! Comeon!
    I can’t believe for one minute that you didn’t see through these transparent lies.
    All of a sudden Petreus decided to come clean about his affair and quit the post? three days after the election? a week before congressional hearing? and now he refuses to testify @said hearing – btw, how can he? isn’t Congress summons the same as Court’s? doesn’t he risk to be paraded handcuffed in front of the cameras?
    Seriously, he is lucky he was permitted to exit the scene in this relatively harmless way; he might have accidentally encountered Polonium-210, or simply had a heart attack due to undetectable substance…

  2. Baby M »

    12 November 2012 · 12:42 pm

    The head of he country’s main foreign intelligence agency puts himself in a position in which he becomes vulnerable to extortion. Brilliant.

  3. Tatyana »

    12 November 2012 · 1:47 pm

    What extortion? Do we still live in the times of Scarlet Letter? The worse that could happened to Petreus was his wife would ask for divorce – and something tells me this is not the 1st time she had to swallow his affairs.
    If he didn’t have to testify re: conspiracy, total incompetence and criminal negligence of this Administration in Benghasi case @Congress hearing nobody would ever dished that dirt from his dossier. FBI was holding on that info since summer – think about that fact.

  4. McGehee »

    12 November 2012 · 5:34 pm

    The CIA may be the only place left with this attitude, but it does have a strict zero-tolerance policy, top to bottom, for the maritally unfaithful. Some of us take heart that there is such an agency still extant.

  5. Francis W. Porretto »

    12 November 2012 · 6:36 pm

    I have a few thoughts of my own on the subject, Charles.

  6. Tatyana »

    13 November 2012 · 8:30 am

    This whole story: LOOK SQUIRREL!

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