About a Motel Minus-Three

Is this the world’s worst hotel? The Telegraph thinks so. Here’s the pitch from the inn’s Web site:

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel has been proudly disappointing travellers for forty years. Boasting levels of comfort comparable to a minimum-security prison, the Hans Brinker also offers some plumbing and an intermittently open canteen serving a wide range of dishes based on runny eggs.

Rates start at around €25, which is definitely inexpensive for Amsterdam. In compliance with Dutch law, the following is stated for reference:

Legal note: The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel does offer cheap accommodation in Amsterdam but cheap accommodation herein describes ‘inexpensive relative to others in the sector’ but not (under hotel regulations & guides the Netherlands brief #4569. 67887. 89) ‘good’ accommodation or indeed ‘pleasant,’ ‘hygienic’ accommodation or any derivation thereof. Those wishing to stay at the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Amsterdam, do so at their own risk and will not hold the hotel liable for food poisoning, mental breakdowns, terminal illness, lost limbs, radiation poisoning, certain diseases associated with the 18th century, plague, etcetera.

Does cheapskate airline Ryanair fly to Amsterdam? Why, yes they do.

(Via Fark.)

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  1. McGehee »

    18 November 2012 · 8:03 am

    I notice the hotel website didn’t say anything about there being anyone on the premises to help with any issues. Assuming the pay phone in the hallway on another floor (never the one you’re on) works, I suppose the Dutch equivalent of 911 might do the trick.

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