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Tulsa, says Self magazine, is the single most unhealthy city for women in the entire country, and at first I thought it might be the disproportionate number of douchebags roaming Brookside, but no: “Poor habits, high disease risk and life expectancy is falling,” they say. (OKC finished tenth, not that I’m inclined to brag.)

Methodology, so to speak:

We polled a panel of experts to find out which factors most affect a woman’s ability to live her healthiest. The panel considered 58 criteria, including rates of disease such as cancer and depression; factors that affect access to health care, such as the percentage of women covered by insurance; environmental and community measures, such as air quality and crime rates; and the prevalence of habits such as exercise, good diet and smoking. Bert Sperling of Portland, Oregon, founder of, helped us gather the most recent and authoritative data for 100 of the nation’s largest metropolitan statistical areas, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau. Numbers are age-adjusted where applicable and women-specific where available. We used the panel’s input to weigh each criterion, and Sperling helped us crunch the numbers.

One of their data sources is the NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation, which I suspect just might skew their definition of “health care,” but hey, nobody asked me. All such lists, no matter what the criteria or the cultural/political angle, are inevitably slanted toward the direction the “researchers” want them to be: “We want to say X, so we need numbers that add up to Y.”


  1. tioedong »

    19 November 2012 · 6:15 pm

    They probably forgot to add the Indian Health Service into their calculations. Few locals call that “health insurance”, and of course, if you are a Cherokee in Tulsa, you probably go to Claremore for medical care, not a clinic in Tulsa…

  2. Charles Pergiel »

    20 November 2012 · 1:13 pm

    Problem with rankings like this is they don’t tell you how much worse, or better, and one place is. For all we know, all places on the list could be within a tenth of a point of each other, which would make it pretty meaningless. Except they got us to waste time talking about it.

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