Prospective perspective

Mixed reviews for Joe Wright’s take on Anna Karenina prompt this idea:

Since everyone is rewriting famous novels from the bad guys’ point of view (from Grendel to the one about Mr Rochester’s wife) maybe someone should write a novel from nerdy but reliable husband’s point of view, or even Vronsky, whose flirtation with a married woman (very common back then) left him saddled with an erratic “wife” who destroyed his career and life … which is why ironically his mother is one of the few in the book who calls Anna an “evil” woman (most of the good people in the book see her as a good woman who fell into evil ways and they want to rescue her from it)…

Is there any demand for nerdy but reliable husbands?

On a semi-unrelated note, there’s a full-page ad for Fifty Shades of Grey in this month’s Maxim. In Maxim, fercrissake!

Then there’s this:

This is, by a not-inconsiderable margin, the most fun I’ve had with a vaguely-semi-crossover-type tale since I abandoned my dream of hooking up Anna Corralnina with old moneybags Count Vronsteed.

I’d say that’s nerdy without being reliable.


  1. Lynn »

    21 November 2012 · 3:40 pm

    — “Is there any demand for nerdy but reliable husbands?

    If there’s not there should be. You can’t beat nerdy but reliable.

  2. Tatyana »

    21 November 2012 · 7:46 pm

    In these unstable times? Why, nerdy-but-reliable is Mr. Popularity!

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