Diseconomies of scale

What it’s like to be the queen of yo-yo dieting, as told by Her Majesty Herself:

I no longer know if someone I haven’t seen in a while is giving me that look because I have gained a lot of weight since they last saw me or if I have lost a lot of weight since they last saw me. Actually, my default is to assume that I’ve gained a lot of weight, if the look isn’t quickly followed by “you look great.” Evidently, one NEVER looks great after massive weight gain and the politest of company will stare and then quickly change the subject to “what’ve I been up to these days?” Apparently, eating Doritos.

There are, of course, bottom-line (so to speak) considerations:

Frankly, I don’t even really care about my own weight fluctuations, except if it goes way too far in one direction or the other and I am forced to buy large quantities of new clothes. I DO care about my money.

Always remember: priorities.

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  1. Tatyana »

    23 November 2012 · 6:43 am

    Always the victim…If not of one than of another

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