Some dissembly required

I’m not sure if this practice really encourages thinking on one’s feet or merely sets more youngsters on a political career path:

Witty pupils at a Cambridge school are being let off for minor offences if they can conjure up quick and clever excuses for what they have done.

Ed Elliott, head of the independent Perse School, told his pupils they could escape punishment if they could explain themselves in 10 seconds.

He said “out-and-out falseness” would not be allowed but “white lies” may be.

I have at best a modest gift for this sort of prevarication, or at least that’s what I’d like you to believe.

(Via Nothing To Do With Arbroath.)


  1. JT »

    24 November 2012 · 11:36 am

    I sense fast-talking used car salesmen, lawyers, and politicians in the making.

  2. fillyjonk »

    24 November 2012 · 4:37 pm

    This will also lead, I fear, to charges of favoritism and such: “But Bobby’s excuse was lamer than mine, and he didn’t get in trouble!”

    Back when I was a kid? We used to still get in trouble, even as the adults laughed behind their hands. (As I slide farther into “You kids get off my lawn!” territory)

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