Jill out

Having no compelling interest in celebrating my own natal day, I’ll simply point out that Jill Hennessy turns 44 tomorrow, and that vaguely metallic looks pretty good on her:

Jill Hennessy at From Scotland With Love 2012

New York’s Tartan Week is “a series of independent events, coordinated by the Tartan Week Alliance that promote Scotland and celebrate the ties between Scotland and the USA.” This year’s edition, I am given to understand, was not quite so coordinated, although the “From Scotland With Love” fashion show, whence came the Hennessy picture, seems to have come off well.

Perhaps not coming off so well, in mine humble opinion: Hennessy’s “tartan-inspired” gown on the runway.

Jill’s twin sister Jacqueline also turns 44 tomorrow. She doesn’t do fashion shows.

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  1. Tatyana »

    25 November 2012 · 11:59 am

    I kinda like the other sequence, Tartan, better

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