Strange search-engine queries (356)

Round and round the logs we go, and where we stop — well, it’s because we thought we saw something marginally hilarious. Once in a while we’re even right about it.

synthetic compassion:  The primary ingredient is someone else’s gold.

grease formula:  Most of the time we don’t need a formula: we just look around the kitchen, and there it is.

wuss fm:  Playing your favorite hits six times a day, 39 minutes an hour.

pumping to digital tell hike yoghurt’s versatile:  Here, for instance, it adds flavor to word salad.

“the onion” “the americans without abilities act”:  You are covered by this act if you searched for it without going to first.

A goose flying toward you at 12.8 emits a squawk which you hear at 265:  Followed by something else which you see on your windshield.

who is the j geils band member that looks like mario:  One thing’s for sure: King Koopa stinks.

karina nose is she:  Only her hairdresser knows for sure.

2008 nissan sylphy has a green coolant:  Wait a while, and it won’t seem so green.

pencil skirt hurry:  When that storm hits, it’s gonna be raining erasers.

sf weekly told off by hinder at masturbate-a-thon:  Now that’s taking it to the limit.

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