Hooked on skirts

The title was almost irresistible: “How to Crochet a Skirt, any size, any length”. It had never occurred to me that it was even possible to crochet a skirt. Knit, yes; but that’s a wholly different practice.

To address the obvious question, a comment attached to an instructional video regarding what one wears under it:

I would say that a slip would be your best alternative… as they are made to be non-clinging, and the skirt would hang better, and not grab. And you could always spray the slip with static free laundry spray if it did. I would think that a black slip under´╗┐ any darkish color skirt would look fine.

And here’s somebody wearing it.


  1. fillyjonk »

    5 December 2012 · 12:22 pm

    It is possible to both knit and crochet skirts, but the choice of yarn is fairly important. Choose something without “memory” and you risk the heartbreak of butt-sprung.

    I’ve never even contemplated knitting one; if want something that emphasizes my bumps, I’m going to make a sweater, where the presence of those bumps will actually be appreciated by some of the viewers.

  2. Nicole »

    5 December 2012 · 6:25 pm

    Agree with Fillyjonk. Too many bumps in the wrong places.

    And I find it amazing and comforting that people still know what slips are. Too often I see ladies wearing skirts without them and think “Oh, sweetie. If only you had a slip, that would hang better…”

  3. CGHill »

    5 December 2012 · 7:33 pm

    I talked to a friend at work who actually crochets, and she said that if she were making this, she’d cut out a pattern for an A-line skirt and make a full liner.

  4. Teresa »

    5 December 2012 · 9:26 pm

    Yes, knits are incredibly difficult to wear as skirts or full dresses. Definitely unforgiving when it comes to showing all those bumps and bulges one would rather disguise.

    It absolutely needs to be lined and have a slip both not one or the other. Then for those who happen to be in terrific shape and don’t bulge… go for it. ;)

  5. Tatyana »

    8 December 2012 · 2:14 pm

    Oh, it’s possible to knit OR crochet whole dresses, not just skirts. I’ve known people who crocheted an actual coat (a “summer” one, or what’s also called “demi-season”)
    But then would you want to do it? that’s entirely different question, and FJ answered it exactly as I would.

    On the other hand, If, say, I was asked to do that for somebody, I’d rather knit than crochet it, and not only because my knitting skills are better. When knitting, one is able to calculate and make a pattern based on measurements of particular figure, and then adjust knitting by adding and subtracting volume in appropriate places. Crochet can do it, too, but much more clumsily and it doesn’t hung as well.

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