No cents whatsoever

“All my life I wanted to be someone. I guess I should have been more specific.” — Jane Wagner

A more-specific example of this:

Many years ago (1,413 to be exact), I worked for a small plastics company. I was up in the office wasting time and told the lady doing payroll to see if she could add a couple of extra zeroes to my paycheck that week. She laughed at my poor joke. Friday came and there to the right of the decimal were two perfectly penned zeroes in the third and fourth decimal places.

As anyone who’s heard the old joke about the genie and the three wishes can tell you, be careful what you ask for.


  1. Joe »

    9 December 2012 · 7:40 am


  2. McGehee »

    9 December 2012 · 8:22 am

    Somewhere along the line all genies got law degrees. Now I don’t even bother polishing their damn lamps anymore.

  3. Tatyana »

    9 December 2012 · 9:49 am

    On title: technically, the cents might be there, as zeroes were added to the 3rd and 4th place to the right of the decimal point.

    On topic: that, unfortunately, applies not only to one’s wishes, but to what (s)he does not want, too. The law of reverse compensation…must be one of Murphy’s.

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