Put your slush in the box

Nell lusts after a Nissan Z, until she sees what’s between its seats:

[I]t had an awful glaring flaw: an automatic transmission.

These are cars for 1) enjoying the road 2) in full and total control of the vehicle. This is part of why there is no backseat. Children typically go into a backseat, and those of you with children know full well that children prohibit the enjoyment of anything that isn’t their idea.

What these cars are not for:

These are not cars for talking on your cell phone while driving, hands-free or otherwise, which detracts mightily from the enjoyment of the road. These are not cars for members of the Anti-Destination League. These are not cars for going to Wal-Mart and buying presents for your grandchildren, hence the lack of backseat and trunk space. These are not cars for automatic transmissions, you determine when to shift and when not to, you don’t leave this decision for the car. Make that downshift to blow by that turtle who’s been blocking you for the last half-mile.

Nissan will cite the take rate on the stick and tell you they’re just giving the people what they want. Apparently what they want is to yak up a storm with one hand on the wheel. (I have to clear my phone’s Missed Calls log regularly, lest it eat up all the available memory, since I am loath to answer when I’m driving. And I have a farging automatic, yet.)

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