A somewhat darker cloud

Of late, Apple has been stashing copies of one’s iTunes Store purchases in the cloud, and then making them available to all one’s authorized devices automagically, once said devices are noticed. This is wonderful when it works.

And then there was this incident. I was playing through the BT album If the Stars Are Eternal So Are You and I (reviewed here), and track four, “Seven-Hundred-Thirty-Nine,” which normally runs nearly eleven minutes, quit after seventeen seconds and didn’t record a play. I halted iTunes and brought up the track in Winamp, which normally doesn’t choke on unprotected AACs. It played for seventeen seconds, after which time the sound muted and the timing bar slid to the right at a prodigious speed.

I wondered, for a moment, if Apple would spaz out if I asked them for another try. But first, I wanted to check my copy at home, inasmuch as I was at home when I bought the album in the first place. And it was just fine.

Ultimately, I suppose, this is a good argument for CDs, which you can always rerip, unless the surface is marred with hoofprints or something.

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  1. Mark Alger »

    21 December 2012 · 1:28 pm

    BTDT when Musicmatch went tango uniform. Decided then I would never buy bits when atoms were available. Not of anything I wanted to keep, anyway.


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