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Frothing Mouse on Newtown, and a thousand other things that have gone before:

Some things cannot be fixed. Some things are so awful that the only good thing that comes out of them is that the perpetrator is out of our society. It has nothing to do with prevention. There are too many thousands of mental machinations, weaponry abilities and combinations thereof that will defeat any random generator computer, even, from preventing them from going wrong.

Add into the mix our lovely leaders and the soup of stirring a stick into an open stewy wound for weeks and weeks and weeks to evidence their SADNESS, and we have us a fine, continuing still-to-be-published novel of descent into hell.

Evil is no more powerful than Good; however, this culture has decided that Evil is vastly more entertaining, in a sick and twisted way.

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  1. Charles Pergiel »

    21 December 2012 · 10:34 pm

    I suspect it’s an evolutionary holdover from last week when we were savages smashing people’s heads for entertainment. On one hand we want to know just how entertaining this particular act of violence was, and on the other we want to learn anything we can to avoid getting bashed ourselves.

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