A minor oversight

You know, guys, you can’t just assume something is illegal, even in California:

The city of Anaheim has paid $400,000 to settle a wrongful arrest suit brought by a father and son accused of beating an opossum and trying to cover it up. It turns out there is no law in California against killing opossums.

Why, they’re not even endangered.

This suit got all the way to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, where a dismissal was reversed:

“The police had no evidence that plaintiffs did anything more than try to kill the opossum, which they are entitled to do,” wrote Chief Judge Alex Kozinski. “A reasonable officer could not have believed that the arrests … were lawful.”

I expect the Assembly, having solved all other problems in the Golden State, will address the social problem of opossum-beating in its next session.

(Via Hit Coffee.)

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