Flourishing in a subniche

View count at FIMFictionThe little counter on my user page at FIMFiction was showing this startling statistic yesterday. At least, I think it’s startling, considering (1) I started from scratch, like everyone else, but perhaps not like everyone else, I didn’t expect to rise much above that point; and (2) I have not exactly been rushing to embrace the most popular story concepts in a desperate attempt to grab an audience. (I have never once enjoyed Featured status.)

What does that number mean, anyway? From the site FAQ:

The total story views number on your profile page is actually just the sum of the most viewed chapter on each of your stories. For example, if you had a story whose highest-viewed chapter had 300 views, and another with 200 views, your Total Story Views would be 500.

In most cases, I would expect this to be Chapter 1, since most readers start there, and if they don’t like it, they don’t go on to Chapter 2.

I am decidedly uncomfortable with bragging about this, but hey, you should see what I did when I got my two millionth visitor to this place.


  1. Nicole »

    24 December 2012 · 5:53 pm

    2000 readers is impressive!

  2. CGHill »

    24 December 2012 · 5:59 pm

    I find it remarkable, since they have 60,000 members and just about that many stories on hand. The oldest of my five stories, The Sparkle Chronicles, has garnered 950 reads by itself. It didn’t exactly push the envelope, but I’d like to think it wrinkled the corners a bit.

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