The further evolution of taste

A woman comes between a sick man and his beloved Twinkies. And that woman is Little Debbie:

As I unpacked the grocery bags he stood by — sniffing, hacking, and being pitiful because I wouldn’t let him help unload the car. I gingerly showed him the box and used my best Mom face. You know the face you activate when you’re trying to convince an 8 year old to try something new? He chuckled, which made him cough, as he closely surveyed the box. I opened it, handing him a Cloud Cake, hoping for the best. Opening the wrapper, he peeled it like a banana and sniffed the cake. Taking the tiniest bite, he shifted his eyes back and forth inquisitively, chewing ever so quickly. His eyes lifted to meet my hopeful gaze and he said “Hey, these aren’t bad.”

There you have it — an expert food review from the biggest Twinkie fan in the world. He decided that the Cloud Cakes aren’t as fluffy as his beloved cream filled sponge cake, but the taste is nice and the filling just right.

He’ll adjust — until the Hostess bankruptcy is over and done with, anyway.


  1. Roger Green »

    31 December 2012 · 8:58 am

    I actually PREFER Little Debbie’s.

  2. Tatyana »

    31 December 2012 · 11:43 am

    Made-from-scratch is not even in the options? oh, the poor deluded

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