In the spirit of true empiricism

Dear Sheryl:

Nope. Not even with two-ply.

At least you can’t say I didn’t try.



  1. mike »

    24 April 2007 · 9:52 am

    I suspect that she will forever be linked to toilet paper. That reminds me. I need to add some Sheryl Crows to my shopping list.

  2. CGHill »

    24 April 2007 · 10:10 am

    There is perhaps one way she could defuse this (t)issue: on her next CD cover, she should appear with one square stuck to her shoe.

  3. Mister Snitch! »

    24 April 2007 · 6:34 pm

    I’m not sticking my nose in this one.

  4. CGHill »

    25 April 2007 · 9:29 pm

    There will be a time, mark my words, when we will hear the words “three squares a day” and remember when it referred to meals.

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