Northern Lights

Canadian musician Lights, whom you may remember from this piece from last spring, sent this up as a Twitpic last night:

Lights poster in Inuvik

Inuvik, you should know, is about as northwest as you can go in the Northwest Territories, which may or may have something to do with Lights’ comment thereupon:

In retrospect, I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a red T-shirt under my flannel in that shoot… #photoshopskills

The high temperature in Inuvik on the 11th of January was, um, -31.6°C. (At this temperature, conversion to Fahrenheit is largely irrelevant.)


  1. nightfly »

    14 January 2013 · 3:34 pm

    Well, -40° C equals -40° F, so…. yeah.

  2. CGHill »

    14 January 2013 · 7:32 pm

    Yep. If I’m fortunate, I’ll never have to endure either of them.

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