Taking it personally

I’ve encountered a few folks like this, and they’re not really all trying to mess with Robert Stacy McCain — but McCain understands that their motivation is something other than idealism incarnate:

Whether or not [John] Tiessen is really a danger to me, he’s fairly representative of a certain type of personality that is attracted to anti-social protest movements. Tiessen has a lot of frustration and resentment of a strictly personal nature, and his interest in “politics” is not really about electing candidates or advancing specific policies so much as it is about symbolic vindication of his resentments. Amorphous ill-organized protest movements offer opportunities for disgruntled misfits to Be Somebody — to be applauded by their fellow misfits for “speaking out” against their commonly hated scapegoats — without having to do anything to establish their credibility in advance. It’s the Moment of Glory fantasy.

Of course, I live in Oklahoma, so the windbags I’m likely to encounter aren’t necessarily going to be #OccupyMyShorts types; still, the nature of ill winds is that they blow nobody good. Or, I suspect, well.

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