Shoe it yourself

One of the rules I work by is this: “If you think you can do it better, you’re welcome to try.” Um, no, we’re not mad, really we’re not, please just go ahead and carry on.

Then again, there are objective criteria governing the shop. Fashion is a trifle more subjective. So if you were thinking some of the shoes featured here are just a trifle outré, and that you can do it better, you’re welcome to try:

Here’s how this works: go to our design now page and click through the various different toe shapes (round, pointy, peep, etc.), heel backs (sling backs, closed backs), heel height (height preference, platforms preference) ankle straps (Mary Jane, around the ankle, etc.) to create the silhouette of the exact shoe you want. Next, have fun with color! Play around with different color combinations and material combinations to come up with something uniquely yours.

The process works something like this:

(Suggested by Patti of Not Dead Yet Style, who conjured up a low-heeled red peep-toe in faux croc.)

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