Strange search-engine queries (365)

It’s Monday morning, so it’s time to dance our way through the system logs, picking up search strings as we go. Does it make any difference? What if it does?

“too picky” “men to work out”:  Given the widely reported current state of American health, perhaps we should be grateful they’re working out at all.

she turns invisible when in water:  Which made her attempt to make the Olympic tryouts somewhat anticlimactic.

how to vanish hello kitty from the face of the earth:  Immerse her in water, maybe?

diane lane sex:  I think it’s a fairly safe bet that she’s had it.

“matt pinto” “creepy”:  Well, maybe, if you’re dreaming of Diane Lane and suddenly you hear “Cha-ching, a Thunder money ball!”

nifty perforce not working in 2101:  I suspect very little of what we have now will be working in 2101.

“it’s friday, friday” “b major”:  And b looking forward to the weekend.

salty iguana gay receipt:  As a rule, if someone sends me an iguana, my first concern is not going to be its sexual orientation.

waste of oxygen joke:  And yet people do go on about carbon dioxide.

did the political fools hear rachel bull from boston lincs tell the rotten truth of their dam handy work:  It was a dam site worse than they said it was.


  1. Jeffro »

    28 January 2013 · 8:45 pm

    There is a chain of Salty Iguana TexMex restaurants in the Lawrence/KC area. Never been, but Coach Self’s radio show is broadcast from, naturally, the Lawrence location.

  2. CGHill »

    28 January 2013 · 9:10 pm

    I pass. I’m supposed to be cutting back on the sodium. :)

  3. McGehee »

    29 January 2013 · 7:48 am

    I believe very strongly in telling oxygen jokes only when they will do the most damage.

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