This is not your grandfather’s Night Mare

“It is my duty,” Princess Luna told Scootaloo, “to come into your dreams.”

Princess Luna and Scootaloo

And that applies even if you’re a guy who sells comic books:

[I]n this dream, I was at the shop, looking at the sales of My Little Pony #1, and how quickly it had sold out, and I was lamenting how I didn’t raise the orders when I had the chance, the stupid thing had multiple covers on it, didn’t I realize people were going to want to buy full sets of all the covers? Plus, the Bronies. THINK OF THE BRONIES.

I awoke from this horrible nightmare, immediately sitting straight up and gasping for breath, heart racing, just like people never do when waking from nightmares except in movies, but that dream brought my concerns about the My Little Pony orders to the forefront of my thoughts. Yeah, there are multiple covers, and this is just the thing where the fans would buy one of each cover, and besides, this pony thing’s huge, it may be worth the risk to order crazy numbers on this thing. And, after talking it over with folks at the shop, and putting out feelers for customer interest, when it came time to do the couple-o-weeks-prior-to-release adjustments, crazy numbers were placed, nearly quadrupling our original order.

As it turned out, MLP:FiM #1 turned out to be the largest-selling title in publisher IDW’s 23-year history. How much of our dreamy comic-book guy’s triple-digit order was left? “About a half-dozen copies,” he says.

Somepony in Canterlot — no manes names mentioned — ought to give Luna a raise.

(Roger sent me that story, for which I thank him.)

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