There’s always second place

Which, in a two-player card game, is last:

There’s a card game called casino, where one of the objectives is to get the aces. There are four cards on the table, and each player has four cards in hand. My college girlfriend was playing me, and there’s an ace on the table. She went first, the ace remained, so I picked it up on my next turn. But I quickly discover she had an ace IN HER HAND, with which she could have picked up the ace on the board. “Why didn’t you pick up the ace?” “I wanted you to have it.” I was really ticked off; love was one thing, but one does NOT throw the game.

It’s too small a sample to be statistically valid, but I can tell you that the women I dated back in the day — we won’t discuss “back in the night” — were more than delighted to beat the crap out of me at card games, board games, (almost) whatever.

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  1. nightfly »

    31 January 2013 · 2:06 pm

    I tend to be overly competitive, which means that I don’t play against the Ladybug in anything if I can help it. It’s not that I don’t like to spend time with her, but I will gleefully attempt to crush her, and be very bitter about my own mistakes. (I’m surprisingly OK with losing, but I hate hate hate screwing up easy stuff.) It just leads to hurt feelings.

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