The sum of all fierce

Anyone who thought the newly depleted Memphis Grizzlies — they have new players, but they’re not through the full trade routine yet, and Rudy Gay is gone — would roll over and die tonight (you know who you are) probably pointed to the second quarter, in which the Griz scored all of twelve points, and said “Told ya so.” You were wrong, offensive-rebound breath: Memphis made up half of their 24-point deficit in the third, and the Thunder defense had to stiffen markedly in the fourth to dispatch the Griz, 106-89.

Still, here’s the real eye-roller: Oklahoma City shot a sterling 55.6 percent (40 of 72), Memphis 34.7 percent (34-98). Twenty-six more shots! Then again, the Griz collected offensive rebounds like they were Pogs, snagging 21 of them. OKC had four, or not quite half as many as Zach Randolph. In fact, Z-Bo didn’t bag a bucket until the second half, but by then he’d already had a dozen rebounds, and he finished with 19. What’s more, Jerryd Bayless had a season-high 23 points, and both Mike Conley and Marc Gasol broke into double figures. Still, with only nine players available, Lionel Hollins had to husband minutes carefully, especially since the Griz have a game tomorrow night against the Wizards, whom we do not take lightly.

And here’s another one to revolve the pupils: Memphis had twelve steals and blocked two shots; OKC pulled off only five steals, but blocked ten shots. (Serge Ibaka, who wasn’t an offensive factor tonight, got six of those blocks, a season high.) Batman and Robin were active — Kevin Durant had 27 points, Russell Westbrook 21 — but fercryingoutloud, guys, watch the temper. This may be why quiet glue guy Nick Collison (12 points, seven boards) collected the game-high +24.

This homestand lasted one whole game: there’s a trip to Cleveland Saturday, and then back home to taunt the Mavs.

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