Lessons from life (one in a series)

Things are broken. Can you fix them? Maybe not. Should you agonize over that fact? Definitely not:

I suppose maybe I do sometimes need to get out of the one-inch picture frame of my own work some days — and when I’m frustrated with the “game” of academic publishing (which I swear is a rigged game) or when there’s some new bureaucratic thing that makes life harder — to remind myself of the times when I’ve been able to do stuff to keep the brokenness from spreading, and count that as success in life, even if I may not actually see the help they do. Or maybe to accept that it’s enough to, as I said, keep the brokenness from spreading even if nothing you does patches up any of it.

Life is a park. Improving it is a difficult task, given the limited time you have; but since it is a park, you don’t want to leave it in worse condition than it was when you entered. More than that, we cannot ask of you.

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