Two and away

Term limits, you say? Smitty contemplates the matter:

There is no way, given a 300 million+ population, that the number fit to hold office is that small. We can’t be that hurting for talent.

The problem here is that people who are fit to hold office won’t even try, because they suspect — correctly, as it turns out — that the fix is in. So we get the same parade of maladroits and malefactors, D’s and R’s, year after even-numbered year.

Perhaps we’ll have to draft candidates.

On the other hand, I have no argument with this:

There is no excuse for our system of government to overgrow itself to the point that it takes a professional cadre with a lifetime of knowing where the bodies are buried in order to operate the thing. No. We keep it simple, and we swap out the people in charge at a reasonable frequency so that the playing field stays level.

Though I suspect there may be a few more, or a lot more, burials before that cadre can be sent packing.


  1. McGehee »

    6 February 2013 · 7:17 am

    That’s why God invented the backhoe.

  2. fillyjonk »

    6 February 2013 · 7:38 am

    “The problem here is that people who are fit to hold office won’t even try, because they suspect — correctly, as it turns out — that the fix is in.”

    THIS. 100000X THIS.

    I think Plato said something once about the people being the best-equipped to be leaders were the ones who wanted it least. I tend to think that there’s a corollary to it; that generally the ones wanting political office the most are probably the kind of people you really have to watch out for.

  3. Roger Green »

    6 February 2013 · 8:09 am

    Until there is something like instant runoff ( we’re doomed to the samo samo

  4. CGHill »

    6 February 2013 · 8:21 am

    I can think of several pols I’d like to see run off instantly, if not sooner.

    Michael Bates in Tulsa is a fan of IRV.

  5. nightfly »

    6 February 2013 · 10:09 am

    It’s not surprising how we get the career sorts who spend their whole lives networking, building a base, raising money, lather rinse repeat. That’s where the power is when the money gets too centralized. (And I put power and money in that order on purpose… the money is just the means to control for these wannabe dictators.)

    It’s why Congress is so sharply limited in the Constitution as to what they can do. All that stuff the Statists love should be tried on exactly that level – state or lower – with people coming up with different systems and different funding mechanisms. It’s so much easier to swing a statewide or local election. People who have no desire to go to “the belly of the beast” in DC might be persuaded to make a local run for alderman or state rep or something, being able to stay close to home and family while still making a difference; they’d also have a better chance of winning.

    DC needs to be starved of cash, before they starve the rest of us.

  6. Nicole »

    6 February 2013 · 6:56 pm

    No one who might do a good job in office wants to run because of the meat grinder they have to go through in an election. No one is perfect and if you aren’t the one the fix is in for, every last skeleton will be dragged into daylight and mountains made of molehills. People willing to stand a chance of their lives being ruined by exaggerations, breathless hyperbole, unfounded accusations and outright lies? Why would anyone want to put themselves through that unless they are willing to do the same in order to get elected. And we come back to the good people part. Good people won’t do that.

    I used to think we get the government we deserve. Now I’m starting to think it’s partly that (though we get the government the least aware deserve) and partly that we get the government the 24 hour news cycle delivers to us.

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