Truly twisted text

TypePad’s anti-spam package, which I am given to understand is fairly similar to the WordPress product Akismet — “without the false positives problem,” as Kevin puts it — has apparently gone troppo of late, which can’t possibly be fun for anyone.

There is, however, an amusing side effect. Nancy Friedman gets even funnier spam comments than I do, and has shared a few. I’ll just quote one:

If annoyance becomes stern when doing one or more of these of sentence, it may admit gibbousness.

I had no idea that stern annoyance affected the phases of the moon. (Princess Luna? Were you aware of this?)

And I can report that since the fall of 2008, Akismet has given me 150 false positives out of 51,000 total comments. Not perfect, but I can live with that. It helps, perhaps, that I look for repeat offenders in the IP list, and I’m not above banning entire subnetworks. (For instance, 93.182.*.* has thrown 24 different IPs at me in an effort to get in here.) So far, no one on the ban list has complained, which I consider a good sign.

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