By request, kinda sorta

This began with a KingShamus tweet:

Tweet by KingShamus: #WeDemandAVote Morena Baccarin is: A-Hot. B-Really Hot. C-Insanely Hot.

This is the picture he linked.

Dumbfounded that no one responded to his quiz in a reasonable time — the answer, incidentally, is “Yes” — he sent a second tweet with another photo.

On the basis that the third time may be the charm, I decided to go track down a somewhat-unposed picture of the lady in question, and came up with this:

Morena Baccarin

This was taken in July 2012 at the Homeland discussion panel during the Showtime portion of the Summer Television Critics Association tour, before the show’s second season. (The third season begins this fall.) Baccarin got her start in TV on Firefly, playing a, um, Companion.


  1. KingShamus »

    21 February 2013 · 4:30 pm

    I thought for sure the Firefly/V sci-fi fanboys out in the conservo-sphere would be drooling over La Baccarin. Oh well.

    Thanks for the shout-out.

  2. Brett »

    21 February 2013 · 5:40 pm

    She is actually all three, but I don’t tweet so I couldn’t vote and wasn’t aware of the election.

  3. Nicole »

    21 February 2013 · 6:54 pm

    It has always amazed me that the ladies from Firefly don’t get more attention on the internet. Same for the women in Eureka. They are all amazingly hot and in shows that seem tailor made for geeks to watch. Geeks, internet, what doesn’t go together in that?

  4. sya »

    21 February 2013 · 7:33 pm

    I don’t know if I hang out in the wrong part of the internet or not, but it has been my impression that most of Firefly’s fans (or at least the vocal ones on the internet) are female. So maybe there’s that.

  5. XRay »

    21 February 2013 · 7:33 pm

    “Geeks, internet, what doesn’t go together in that?”

    Interest span the duration of luminence of a Firefly?

  6. Nicole »

    21 February 2013 · 8:16 pm

    Dunno. Everyone I know in meatspace who has loved it has been male. Girls don’t seem to know much about it.

  7. Lynn »

    21 February 2013 · 9:12 pm

    The guys who have brought up the subject in my presence (all two of them) like Kaylee better.

  8. Jeffro »

    21 February 2013 · 9:35 pm


  9. CGHill »

    21 February 2013 · 10:28 pm

    Incidentally, I’m not the only one who acted upon those KS tweets.

  10. McGehee »

    22 February 2013 · 7:16 am

    Inara might be good in the sack, but Kaylee can keep you flying.

  11. McGehee »

    22 February 2013 · 7:17 am

    I keep my thoughts about Zoe to myself, to keep both Wash and Lawrence Fishburne out of my face…

  12. Mark Alger »

    22 February 2013 · 8:09 am

    Me… I’m just wild about Saffron.


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