Strange search-engine queries (370)

Monday morning means traipsing through the logs, desperately searching for something — anything — that might possibly have punchline potential. This is by definition a non-essential function, so it is not affected by the current Federal sequestration.

trashman you so dumb you tried to play quaters with two dimes and a nickel:  Go home, Mac, you’re drunk.

sparkle dammit ascap patrick abbey:  Go home, Celestia, you’re drunk.

james carlos fanfiction lapdance strip pinch butt:  Go home, Jimmy — oh, hell, why bother?

school girl wearing bra:  Whether she needs it or not.

guy drops a fork so he can look up milfs skirt:  In his spare time, he goes searching the Web for “school girl wearing bra.”

infiniti lost its way glorified nissans:  In other words, about where Acura is now.

what an international student can do if he have not finich your study in usa and your visa is expire:  Offer to teach ESL to immigrant students. Nobody will ever notice.

herpes marxism:  Very much alike. Once you’ve had that brief pleasure, you’ll never get rid of the side effects.

penthouse letter i was studying late one night at a small midwestern liberal arts college:  And after contracting herpes, he became a Marxist.

“obituary” “charles g. hill” “oklahoma city”:  Not me. You’re thinking of the judge.

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