They can’t be Sirius

Nicole reports that her satellite-radio provider really has been dogging it of late:

It’s 2013. I can buy a car online. I haven’t looked but I bet I can buy a house online. Why the hell can’t I buy a lousy radio subscription online? Do they think they are going to sell me more if I talk to a live person? I suppose it does work like that for some people. Not us people, though.

It’s a significant cost difference. Penalized for not using an outdated technology that opens me to an attempt at sales pressure. Not sure it’s a company with whom I want to do business.

Along similar lines, I buy an email address from Earthlink — it’s one I had when I used them as a dial-up — so as to maintain continuity with certain of my online relationships. This is billed monthly: it’s possible to pay a year in advance and get a few bucks knocked off, but only if I endure a live (so to speak) chat session with a corporate drone who will try to sell me every damned thing under the sun. Worse, he types with an accent.

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