Right up your alley

Or maybe not. Today’s City Council agenda calls for spending $72 million from the 2000 General Bond Obligation Authorization, a little more than half of which will go to road projects. None of these are in my back yard, exactly, but some of these are major: $2.8 million will go to doing something about NW 164th from Western to Penn, which is spectacularly sucky. About half a million will be spent on Wilshire from Kelley to Bryant, which is slightly less so. (The complete list is here.)

And this item looked interesting:

(ABC-646) Application by Oklahoma City Redevelopment Authority for an ABC-3, Alcoholic Beverage Consumption, Club with Alcohol District overlaying the C-CBD Central Business District (pending DBD Downtown Business District), located at One Park Avenue. (Ward 7)

One Park Avenue, of course, is the Skirvin Hilton, which opened in late February. No wonder this has an Emergency declaration.

(All links are to PDF files.)

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