The high-maintenance Senate

From the Things I’d Rather Not Think About file:

The ah-gust body of the U.S. Senate voted against privatizing their in-house barbershop where they have gotten free haircuts, shaves and shoe shines for decades, all the while running a deficit of $350,000 per year for the last 15 years ($5.25 million). To repeat, in the past, the Senate members have voted AGAINST paying for their own grooming. Do female Senators get haircuts, facial waxes and perms (cause Dianne Feinstein is definitely permed)? Do they use the same facility as the men use? Yes, they do. Do they get waxes? I don’t know.

I admit to a certain level of squeamishness with regard to that last point, having found out more than I really wanted to know about a couple of TV hosts this weekend.

The House, incidentally, outsourced its grooming facility nearly two decades ago.


  1. Jeffro »

    18 March 2013 · 7:14 pm

    From the “Yes, I’m Going There Department:”

    More importantly, does Gifford’s carpeting match her drapes?

  2. Jess »

    18 March 2013 · 8:19 pm

    They want to look good when they’re covered with pitch, feathers, tied to a rail and deposited on the edge of D.C. in the nearest ditch.

  3. CGHill »

    18 March 2013 · 10:56 pm

    I have no knowledge of Gifford worth quoting here, although I have to assume someone’s been in a position to check.

  4. hatless in hattiesburg »

    20 March 2013 · 12:51 am

    but who picks up the tab for granny pelosi’s botox pipeline?

    like jess implies, they’d look better in tar & feathers.

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