Have you Herd?

Pony fans with double-digit ages graduated to Sociological Phenomenon some time ago, and the most recent Herd Census has turned up some numbers I found interesting:

The mean age of the fandom is 20.19 years. The median age is 19. The standard deviation is 5.36 years. 79% of bronies are between 15 and 25, 95% between 10 and 30.

I think this is the first time in my existence I’ve ever been seven standard deviations away from anything.

[N]early a quarter of bronies report[ed] that they had a significant relationship in the past year.

That many? I’m guessing this means “significant relationship with another of the same species.”

Nearly a third of respondents did not know their household income, and another 13% refused to answer, meaning that only 55% of respondents even tried to answer.

This is a function of median age, modified by “Who wants to know? We don’t give out that kind of information.”

In the most recent Gallup poll on the subject, 6.4% of Americans indicated LGBT status, as opposed to 17.7% of Bronies. The Gallup poll, unhelpfully, does not break down into individual categories.

Depends on your definition of “helpful.” That number surprises me very little, actually.

This one, however, does. Before respondents took the survey, they were asked their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator if known; if not known, they were offered the test, and as a result there is data for nearly 86 percent of respondents. The INTJ indicator is among the rarest, and in some populations the rarest. Not in bronyland, though:

INTJ (introversion, intuitive, thinking, judgment) is thought to occur in perhaps 1-­3 % of the population, while it seems to occur at something like 10‐20 times that rate in the Herd.

You already know where I stand, or fall.


  1. McGehee »

    19 March 2013 · 8:22 am

    My wife asked me to take the Myers-Briggs years ago. And after I did, she kept after me to take it again. And again. And again…

    I finally decided my Myers-Briggs type is MYOB.

  2. Violins and Starships »

    19 March 2013 · 12:29 pm

    What? Only 17.7%…

    And now I’m getting confused. Is it offensive to think it’s creepy for straight guys to like My Little Pony but not creepy at all for gay guys to like it? Somebody help. I need a score card. Or a manual. This stuff is just too complicated for me….

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