Oh, come now, Emanuel

A possibly cynical segment from Gilbert Magazine’s News with Views (1-2/13):

As if one Chicago Democrat Machine stooge as President of the United States wasn’t enough, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is said to be considering running for President in 2016. The Daily Beast reports that Emanuel is “considering” running if Hillary Clinton decides not to run. Please. We get increasingly impatient with a media that insists on dancing this two-step with politicians. This is Chicago. This is the man affectionately known as the “Rahmfather.” If he is “considering” a run for President, he’s going to run for President. If he says he will run only if Hillary Clinton opts out, then a way will be found for Hillary Clinton to opt out. Maybe this is justice for Bill, who after all his extra-curricular activities, is getting run over again by the Chicago Machine, as his carefully laid plans to install his wife in the oval office crumble before his eyes. We have a suggestion for the Clintons: Hillary should switch parties and run as a Republican. As dysfunctional as the Republican Party is, she would at least give it a definite identity again, and might actually pull it Rightward.

I’m not even wanting to think about any plans of Bill Clinton’s being “carefully laid.”

But I have to admit, I like the idea of Hillary jumping to the Republican side. For one thing, it would destroy their “Who’s next?” order of precedence for Presidents. And I suspect both parties ultimately would benefit: the rank Democrat opportunists would be reduced in number, and not just by one — I have to figure Hillary would take lots of operatives with her — and the GOP could pitch that “big tent” business almost convincingly for once.

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  1. McGehee »

    20 March 2013 · 9:17 pm

    it would destroy their “Who’s next?” order of precedence for Presidents.

    Nope. They’d call it a transfer of precedence, like a union local honoring a new arrival’s seniority from his previous job. All it would destroy is their increasingly risible pretense of being an opposition party.

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