Go like yourself

Old and busted: People or organizations pleading for Facebook likes. New hotness: The machine does it for you:

I bought a new Logitech wireless mouse the other day. The only installation it requires is to pull it out of the package and plug the receiver in. I already had a Logitech wireless mouse and love it, so when I needed a second one, it was the logical choice.

I noticed some very brief windows opening & closing when I plugged it in, but I figured it was my system processing the hardware.

But then I noticed an item in my newsfeed that had been put there by Logitech sharing an item. I clicked over to see why I was getting stuff from Logitech, and right there, the “Liked” button was clicked on their page.

There seem to be two possibilities here: either Logitech has somehow taught meece to press their own buttons, or there’s a Facebook script hiding in the woodpile. (Would Facebook countenance such a thing? Would Lindsay Lohan let someone buy her a drink?)

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