Lowest possible interest

Lileks gets yet another call from “LOWER INTEREST,” or whatever the hell it says on Caller ID, and grumbles about the futility of it all:

Hey, how about using the $100 million dollar FTC law enforcement budget to fine the bejeezus out of these people?

If the FTC, like every other governmental agency this side of Upper Lowcountry Middle School, has a crapload of tactical gear, it’s time to SWAT the bejeezus out of them. It’s not like the government is short of bullets; certainly they’re not guarding an embassy here.

It comes down to two things: my own dislike of interruptions from strangers who want my money or my signature, and my own horror of imposing on others. Since I would not do something like set up robots to bother people, it is, of course, completely unfair that they do.

Drones. We locate the boiler-room operators, and perform the appropriate public service.

But back to the FTC. Let’s imagine their initials were actually IRS, and the lawbreakers owed them money. Let’s imagine the IRS having a contest to give $50,000 in taxpayer money to someone who came up with a great idea for collecting back taxes. Let us just imagine that and conclude what we will.

Depends. Is that $50,000 taxable?

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