Hachi-Roku round the clock

The Subaru BRX/Scion FR-S twins have won much praise as track cars, though 200 ponies aren’t really enough to go serious racing.

To enable the Scion to participate in the SCCA Pirelli World Challenge Series, Toyota Racing Development has developed a supercharger package for the little boxer engine. Difficulty: under SCCA rules, the package must be available at retail, but Toyota doesn’t want 2nr d00dz to get their hot little hands on it.

Solution: a price point that will discourage all but the hyper-serious racers. We’re talking $26,000, which is almost exactly the price of a complete unblown FR-S.

Bonus: minimum order two. It’s a safe bet Ricey McRicerson, lover of fart-can exhausts and spoilers higher than your hat, doesn’t have fifty-two grand to spare.

(To those who would burn me for invoking an Asian stereotype: Hey, it’s a Scottish name. Just look at it.)

Note: Working title for this was “No homologation.” Look it up if you must.

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