Icon hardly believe this

My last monitor had a single sticker on a corner of the case, saying “Designed for Windows Vista,” and you all know what I think of Windows Vista. The new display screen, same size except front to back — I swear, there are tablets thicker than this, and I don’t mean iPads, I mean freaking antibiotics — is festooned with no fewer than eleven little bits of metalized plastic that are intended, I suppose, to Mean Something.

Down the left side: LED (well, it’s actually LCD with an LED backlight); Ultra Slim (as noted, supra); DCR 50,000,000 to 1 (Dynamic Contrast Ratio, whatever that’s supposed to mean); Illuminating Touch Key (which means you can’t find it until you put a finger on it); Low Power (25 watts, they say); Screen+ (which supposedly enables the user to turn the available space into four separate displays, all too small to read); Off Timer (like I need it to wait); VESA Mount (built into the base, making wall mounting easier, assuming I could read this from that distance).

From bottom left: “Compatible with Windows 7” (for the record, my NVIDIA video card recognized it immediately, and it’s about two versions older than Win7, and I didn’t so much as look at the proffered driver disk); EPEAT (an environmental rating system, in which this machine rates Silver); and the inevitable Energy Star.

Perhaps this looks cool on a retail shelf. I think it’s overkill.

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