A popular model

Says so right on the promo:

Roz Greenwood in Cartoon and Model Parade

You may recognize the name of Irving Klaw, who had long billed himself as the Pin-Up King; IMDb’s scanty report on Roz Greenwood describes her as “Circa 1950, black hair photo model, and exotic dancer, featured in several of Director Irving Klaw’s 8mm silent films.” Most of those were made in 1954-55, after Klaw’s success with Strip-O-Rama, a B-film featuring several strippers alongside his “bondage” model Bettie Page. (One of them has the curious title Second Initiation of the Sorority Girl, featuring Page and Roz Greenwood.)

There exists footage of Roz solo, which you can see after the jump:

This is, I submit, the least erotic boudoir one could imagine. But Klaw knew what he was doing: keep the skin moving and don’t show anything that might attract the attention of John Law.

We know next to nothing about Roz Greenwood otherwise, though a cast member of the turn-of-the-century play Bettie Page Uncensored, written and directed by Michael Flores — he later shot a film version — tells us this much:

April Lynn Baker, as Roz Greenwood, is a ball of fire. She speaks in a rapid-fire, New York accent, which at times obscures her words. But her Roz radiates an uninhibited sexuality and free-spiritedness that is at once attractive and compelling. We can believe that this is how the real Roz Greenwood, a Klaw model about whom we know nothing, must have been. She’s not as innocent as Bettie, not as girl-next-door, but Baker is totally convincing. Her rough life made Roz tough, but not too tough to love.

As images go, that’s not all bad.


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