Strange search-engine queries (374)

No fooling: these are actual search strings that landed unwary Web surfers on this very site during the past seven days or so. We may never know their motivations, and in some cases we may never want to know.

business loans make your text blogger.bold.italic and more with HTML tags:  If you need to take out a loan to edit your template, you’re in worse shape than I thought.

i’m convinced comma:  No. I’m convinced period. A comma signals that you might not be so sure.

opposite of joyride:  “Commute.”

her boss an attorney demanded she wear 5 inch heel pumps and figure altering girdle:  And she, the new kid in the steno pool with an MA in art history, thought this was utterly unreasonable.

are you comfortable or uncomfortable in a disorderly environment?  That depends. Who made it disorderly in the first place?

any lawsuits against nissan leaf:  What kind of lame-o sues a car?

returned rolled back odometer to nissan:  What, you didn’t even sue?

nissan sylphy gearbox problem symtoms:  Never mind all that careful diagnostic stuff. Sue ’em.

ants crawling up sink:  If you wait long enough, eventually they’ll crawl down.

zooey deschanel pussy pics:  Sure. You try getting her to move that damn cat.

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