Perhaps shooting in B&W would help

The bicycle lane on a 1.5-mile stretch of Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles is painted a vivid neon green, which would seem to be a Good Thing, unless you’re making movies:

[T]he bike path still rankles location scouts and filmmakers, who see it as another hurdle to filming in Los Angeles.

Their concern: The bright color would be a distraction to viewers, doesn’t belong in period movies and makes it harder for L.A. to do what it does best: play other cities.

“As we all know, unlike other major cities, our downtown footprint is very small and limited and we’ve used this stretch for [an] ‘anywhere in the world’ big city for years and it is vital to us for many projects,” Ed Duffy, business agent for Teamsters Local 399, which represents location managers, wrote in a recent email to members.

According to Duffy, the office of Mayor Villaraigosa had issued a statement saying the paint on Spring between 3rd and 9th would be allowed to fade in the California sun, but apparently the city is, um, backpedaling.

(Via this Ryan Baker tweet.)

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