Everything’s for sale

And in the next few minutes, some schmuck will try to sell it to you:

[M]ore and more products and services are being provided to “consumers” who aren’t really consumers because we/they don’t want whatever they are. The phone calls from telemarketers, carefully positioned around our dinnertime, become more frequent. A lot of them have to do with “taking surveys,” which I dunno, is that some kind of effort to get around the do-not-call laws? Well, I suppose it is to be expected. If you’re in business to provide something people actually want, it won’t be enough for people to want it, they have to be willing to part with cash in order to get it. That would be a lot of wait between the wanting right now, so I can see how it’s more appealing to provide something people don’t want.

Or at least less work.

Even so-called “free” stuff, which of course does not actually exist, is desperately vended. CFI Care (not its real initials) called me twenty-seven times last month after I failed to respond to some tedious letter of theirs about some “free” program in which they thought I should enroll. I figure, I’m already paying a physician to shake his head at me and groan; why do they think they ought to be patched into the loop? It is exactly this sort of behavior that makes people wonder if single-payer could possibly be any worse. But they kept calling — until the first of the month, anyway, when I presume the phone bank’s upsell quotas were reset.


  1. McGehee »

    4 April 2013 · 9:24 pm

    It is exactly this sort of behavior that makes people wonder if single-payer could possibly be any worse.

    Right. Instead of your doctor shaking his head and groaning it’ll be the Bureau of Nutrition sitting you down and regulating your intake of everything to ensure you’re a productive citizen generating tax revenue for as long as possible — and then it’ll be the Office of Actuarial Compliance urging you not to be an outlier by living longer than you’re supposed to on your government pension.

  2. CGHill »

    4 April 2013 · 11:42 pm

    Pension, schmension. I figure the Death Panels™ will have their own SWAT teams to, um, insure compliance.

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