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Six months ago, Adam Gurri and his wife left the District of Columbia and moved to New York’s Upper West Side, and of course it’s a whole different world in the Apple:

I sold my car before coming here and commute entirely by subway. The Metro in DC is just incomparable to the subway system here. You can get almost anywhere in Manhattan so quickly from anywhere else there. In DC, ten minute waits are not uncommon, even at rush hour. In Manhattan, when you see that there is a four minute wait it often means that you only just missed a train. You also get the life experience of more than occasionally being packed into sardine can-like subway cars during rush hour, something you do not really experience in DC.

By which I assume he means that the Metro’s offerings do not compare to those of the MTA.

Of course, a ten-minute trip delay out where I live means that some idiot just discovered he was in the wrong lane and managed to block two, maybe three, lanes at once.

Nearly everywhere I’ve been in Manhattan has so many amenities within a couple of blocks. Our apartment is two short blocks away from a ton of stores — including a grocery store — for instance; there wasn’t anything that close to us in DC, and we were in a fairly dense neighborhood. There are an enormous number of lunch options literally on the same block as the Medialets office.

Amenities near where I work are nonexistent, unless you consider a by-the-hour place of lodging to be an amenity.

The level of intensity is several notches up across the board. People here will run you over on the road and walk over you on the sidewalk if you do not get with the program and move your ass.

Which is something I learned about a decade ago, although I was actually at the wheel at the time.

Still, Gurri makes the place sound exciting. Then again, he’s not the sort of person who swills Pepsi a liter at a time.


  1. Tatyana »

    7 April 2013 · 2:59 pm

    what? I haven’t been able to make NY sound exciting for you – and I’ve been writing for over 5yrs – but some whippersnapper from dc did?

  2. CGHill »

    7 April 2013 · 3:04 pm

    New York is preternaturally exciting, my opinions notwithstanding. I think it’s just that having never lived there and having visited only briefly, I find it a little easier to relate to the new kid on the block than to the established resident.

  3. Tatyana »

    8 April 2013 · 7:37 am

    Speaking of new kid and so on: I’ll be in Minneapolis May3-6, on business. Have you been? Anybody did? Have recommendations?

  4. CGHill »

    8 April 2013 · 7:55 am

    Been a long time since I’ve been to the Twin Cities. (I stayed at the Embassy Suites near the Mall of America, if that matters greatly.) Lots of decent eateries.

  5. Tatyana »

    8 April 2013 · 8:10 am

    Hotel’s not relevant, but eateries…how decent?

  6. CGHill »

    8 April 2013 · 8:54 am

    Hard to say from only six meals during the period. :)

    Here’s the list I consult before hitting the road:


    Compare to your local list:


  7. Tatyana »

    8 April 2013 · 9:25 am

    Bookmarked, tks!

  8. fillyjonk »

    8 April 2013 · 12:49 pm

    One of the problems with “exciting” is that some of us can’t cope with “exciting” 24/7; it fast slides into sensory overload.

    After living right downtown in a largish but not giant city (Ann Arbor, MI), I have sworn I will never do that again. (Of course, the fact that I lived right on the path back to the dorms from an enormously popular bar might have had something to do with that. There are only so many nights you can listen to drunken screaming and not come to resent the entire human race, or at least the portion of it given to consuming mass quantities.)

  9. CGHill »

    8 April 2013 · 2:35 pm

    If my brief observations are worth anything — and who says they are? — the legendary New York Minute runs somewhere around 34-37 seconds. My sense of timing is bad enough already.

  10. Tatyana »

    8 April 2013 · 4:38 pm

    FJ, Ann Arbor is a picturesque [quaint is the word?] village. Including their bars and jazz clubs. My son was bored there and missed NY tremendously while studying in UoM…

  11. fillyjonk »

    9 April 2013 · 8:37 am

    Yeah, that tells me my head would probably implode in NYC. Ann Arbor bordered on being too loud and chaotic for me.

    I mean, I miss the Farmer’s Market and the Treasure Mart, but I sure don’t miss the riots that happened after the basketball team won the NCAA that year I was there. And I don’t miss the aggressive panhandlers.

  12. Tatyana »

    9 April 2013 · 9:30 am

    NY is a big country place. It contains Brooklyn, and that in turn contains (among other things, including riots and subway panhandlers) – Bay Ridge. Which is usually green and quiet and that’s why I live here.

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