Big Bezos is watching

Earlier this week, I bought a pair of shoes from Zappos. It was not the first pair I’d looked at; in fact, I’d gone to Amazon earlier, and looked at a New Balance slide. Apparently the Amazon Multi-Brain II remembered this — Zappos is, of course, now under the Amazon umbrella — and for the next several days, visits to Fark brought me an Amazon ad featuring exactly that same slide.

It’s not like I’d never seen that phenomenon before. A few days earlier, I’d done a feature on a Charlotte Olympia sandal with a “poodle heel”, sold at Neiman-Marcus, and for several days any Neiman’s ad I saw contained a line of shoes, starting with that very one: obviously they’d remembered that I’d been to to look at it.

Finding $27 a bit easier to pry out of the budget than $1,695, I returned to Amazon and bought that damn slide. The Fark ads quit almost immediately. So this is the new paradigm for online advertising: nag, nag, nag.


  1. XRay »

    20 April 2013 · 9:46 pm

    Why you’re single, maybe, and maybe why I’d like to be.

    Just give me some small space and a few seconds at least, to consider what it is that I might prefer. It could be a book here, but not from me. I’m too old.

  2. CGHill »

    21 April 2013 · 1:20 am

    I’ve pretty much always assumed that I was single because I’m surly, unattractive and disagreeable, but there’s always the chance I could be wrong.

  3. Bill Peschel »

    21 April 2013 · 7:44 am

    Scraping your browser history and throwing up ads, even on sites not related to the one you shopped at, is a common technique nowadays. This is why I try to have the latest Do-Not-Follow add-ons installed, in hopes of King Kanuting at least some of the tide.

  4. Laura »

    21 April 2013 · 8:27 am

    You should see the ads that up after viewing midget porn! Miniatures of everything.

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