Whatever Lola plays

Today we get (1) a decidedly attractive concert pianist (2) who is not Yuja Wang. Sprawled on the Steinway here is Lola Astanova, 28, who hails from Tashkent, and who debuted at Carnegie Hall in 2012:

Lola Astanova

On her YouTube channel, you’ll find this performance of the eleventh of Scriabin’s twelve études, Op. 8.

Australia’s Limelight magazine last year named Astanova one of the Top 10 Style Icons in Classical Music. Whether classical music should have Style Icons in the first place is open for discussion.


  1. Charles Pergiel »

    2 May 2013 · 9:39 am

    Musical style, or clothing style?

  2. CGHill »

    2 May 2013 · 5:44 pm

    I figure musical style goes without saying. (Especially mine, which goes without existing.)

  3. Rule 5 with Alice In Chains »

    26 May 2013 · 3:44 pm

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