The whole one yard

Actually, I got rather a lot done today, terrain-wise, considering the stiff winds and all. After finishing up, I hit the shower, got dressed, and dragged myself off to the grocery store, and to prove that timing is everything, approximately two minutes after I’d left, the Yard Guys came by and punched several hundred holes in the topsoil. Just as well. And the rain started up later this afternoon, so we’ll see if any additional moisture makes it down to where the roots are. They noted a heck of a lot of crabgrass; on the other hand, last time they were here, of the eleven “controllable” weeds on their list, I had five of them, so evidently four are more or less under control. And I’ve noticed that some of the bare spots out front, among my chief sources of despair, are indeed starting to fill in around the edges.

It dawned on me while pushing the mower that I probably overpaid for the darn thing, not so much for its Honda-sourced engine but for its front-wheel drive, which I think I’ve used once this year: most of the time I leave the drive disengaged and just push, even uphill. On the upside, it’s still running in its fourth year, which, given the way I tend to treat mowers, is sort of remarkable. It is, however, on its second blade, and twice it’s tried to throw a wheel. (The wheel is attached to the height adjustment, which in turn is bolted to the frame; this bolt doesn’t like to stay as tight as I’d prefer. It’s always the same wheel: left rear.) And it’s taking very kindly to the three-dollar-and-odd premium gasoline it’s getting, as it damned well ought to be, if you ask me.


  1. Winston »

    6 May 2007 · 8:36 am

    Take that uncooperative bolt out, clean it and dry it, and liberally apply a dose of LocTite. If that does not hold it, weld the sucker…

  2. Heather »

    7 May 2007 · 12:12 am

    I felt your pain a few days ago, I thought I would tackle the yard, pull some weeds, and plant a couple of bushes. I did all of that, and that night I could barely move. I have put out grass seed and am waiting patiently for it to grow, unfortunately the thistle that plagues us has come in already. I’m still holding out hope that some of the grass will come in, then we can start weed n feeding like crazy.

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