Get in line on the 30th

I mentioned the new online auto-tag renewal system way back in 2010, and praised it with faint damns:

[T]his counts as progress of a sort, even if it’s probably not going to change my particular habits.

The Oklahoman notes editorially that most people’s habits remained unchanged:

Oklahoma tag agents howled in 2010 when the state Tax Commission began making some tag agent services available online. The commission was complying with legislation directing all state agencies to offer online services. At the time, a lobbyist for the Oklahoma Tag Agent Coalition complained about the Tax Commission “spending money to put the state in competition with private enterprise.” (Horrors!) Turns out the concerns were for naught. The Tulsa World reports that three years later, the number of online license tag renewals has grown but business conducted over the Internet comprises less than 1 percent of total tag agent-related revenue. In 2012, tag agents collected $817 million in taxes and fees. Online transactions amounted to just $427,287. For now at least, it’s clear folks much prefer to conduct these transactions in person.

The state giveth, and the state taketh away. But it better not taketh away from those to whom it giveth, or there’ll be hell to pay.


  1. McGehee »

    6 May 2013 · 4:38 pm

    Any government contract industry that has its own lobbying group needs to be made obsolete.

  2. Nicole »

    6 May 2013 · 6:35 pm

    We’ve only recently started to get private license agents here in MO (at least up around where I live). The state closed a few DMV offices and private offices opened instead. I love going to them. Models of efficiency. Especially compared to the state government…

    Not sure how they make money. They don’t charge anymore than the state offices do. I assume the state pays them part of the collection.

  3. CGHill »

    6 May 2013 · 7:17 pm

    This is one of those Unsolved Mysteries that has never been explained. (And since in this state, tag agencies are a matter of Senate patronage, we can expect it to remain so.)

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