The Java jive

Clearly, it does not love me.

Last night I was going through one of my periodic bring-the-notebook-up-to-speed sessions, a process which involves, among other things, gathering all the inevitable software updates. One of these was for the Java runtime, version 6, update 1. Having had no Java-related problems, I went ahead and installed it.

As always at the end of these sessions, I checked to see if I had any disk space left, and found a lower-than-anticipated 5.6 GB left. (The drive is a 20 GB, which means of course 18.6 GB.) After cleaning out temp files and other detritus, I pulled up the Add/Remove Programs applet to see if there might be anything I wouldn’t miss, and what do I see? Six previous Java runtime updates, dating back to the days of the Ink Spots, each sucking up more than 100 MB. You’d think, inasmuch as there’s an automatic update function, that the installer would remove the previous version; but no. I suppose it’s a good thing that all these separate versions play well together.

Anyway, armed with this knowledge, I duly trashed those six installs, which bought me back about 0.7 GB, some of which I used up on Trillian.

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